Remote interpreting: ISO 202121 sustainability of events

Remote interpreting

The introduction of the ISO 202121 standard, makes us think of all the advantages of remote interpreting and possible innovations.

The standard was created to push event organizers to have a more aware approach to the problem of environmental sustainability.

In summary, the ISO 202121 aims to define key guidelines for event planning and management. All interested parties must pay attention to the individual phases of the organization; from the context in which the event takes place to the tools used.

All this, with the aim of monitoring the improvements of companies and helping the environment.

The ISO 202121 standard is nothing more than an invitation to environmental awareness. By now, every aspect of life has to relate to the environment and define its impact.

We at International Congresses are here to show you how to get certified of compliance with the standard.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate the enormous power ofRemote interpreting, because it manages to improve the environmental impact and works in favor of the environment.

Remote interpreting according to the ISO 20121 standard

Does remote interpreting comply with the ISO 202121 standard?

Let's start by clarifying a detail right away: Remote interpreting is ISO certified.

Take advantage of this kind of communication system and event organization, allows you to immediately obtain the ISO 202121 certification.

This is because the environmental impact and the cost of the organization is very minimal. Not having to find a physical interpreter, but taking advantage of remote interpreting systems, everything becomes faster.

All you need for your event is an interpreting agency capable of managing the number of participants.

Through systems advanced technology and translation facilities, anyone can take part. Taking advantage of the use of headphones, the simultaneous translation of what happens during the event will be transmitted immediately to the individual participants.

They are Congressi Internazionali, find all the information on booking your service conference interpreters and simultaneous translation. Likewise, you can book the whole technical equipment you need and take advantage of it for the occasion.

Our interpreting agency has been involved in managing various types of events and conferences for years, offering a functional and rapid service.


If you want to make sure you comply with the ISO 202121 standard, and you want to organize a successful event, then an interpreter agency is the right solution.

The power of interpretation at a distance is precisely the speed, the ability to manage problems in a short time. It allows you to improve the overall performance of your business.

This is because not only do you save money, but you get ISO certification easily.

Environmental sustainability is one of the most consistent and significant problems of recent years. Those who manage events and conferences should strive to keep the level of "environmental impact" to a minimum.

By choosing International Congresses, you will play it safe and ensure a more than functional service. We are waiting for you!







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