The key role of interpreters and translators in the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Olympics is a worldwide event that requires a high level of coordination and communication. A key element in this process is the role of interpreters and translators. These professionals play a crucial role in facilitating communication between athletes, coaches, officials, media and fans from around the world.

Simultaneous Interpreting

L'simultaneous interpreting is a form of real-time translation that takes place while the person is still speaking. This is especially useful during press conferences and interviews, where athletes and officials need to communicate with the world's media. Simultaneous interpreters must be able to quickly and accurately translate the speaker's words into the language of the audience, ensuring that the message is conveyed without interruption.

During the Olympics, press conferences are a common event. Athletes, coaches, and officials talk about their successes, challenges, and future plans. These press conferences are attended by journalists from around the world, who then report back to their respective countries. Without simultaneous interpretation, these press conferences would be much less effective. Simultaneous interpreters ensure that the speaker's words are understood by everyone, regardless of the language they speak.

Professional Translations

Professional translations are essential to ensure that all Olympics-related information is accessible to a global audience. This includes translating official documents, event programs, rules and regulations, press releases, and more. Professional translators must have a deep knowledge of the languages they work with, as well as an understanding of the cultural and sporting context of the Olympics.

The Olympics is a complex event with many rules and regulations. These rules must be understood by everyone, from athletes to officials, from media to fans. Professional translations ensure that these rules are understood around the world. In addition, professional translators also translate event programs, which are essential for organizing and following the Olympics.

Translation services

Translation services are essential to ensure effective communication during the Olympics. These services can include translation of written documents, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, translation of signs or subtitles for the deaf, and more. These services help ensure that everyone, no matter what language they speak, can participate in and enjoy the Olympics.

Durante le Olimpiadi, i servizi di traduzione sono utilizzati in molti modi diversi. Ad esempio, i servizi di traduzione possono essere utilizzati per tradurre i segnali per i non udenti durante le cerimonie di apertura e di chiusura. Inoltre, i servizi di traduzione possono essere utilizzati per tradurre i sottotitoli per i non udenti durante le trasmissioni televisive. Questi servizi di traduzione garantiscono che le Olimpiadi siano accessibili a tutti, indipendentemente dalle proprie abilità linguistiche.

The importance of performers in the Olympics

During the Olympics, interpreters are most in demand in various areas. For example, during the opening and closing ceremonies, interpreters are needed to translate official speeches and presentations. During competitions, interpreters help athletes and coaches communicate with judges and officials. In addition, interpreters play a key role in facilitating interviews with international media.

Congressi Internazionali has extensive experience in managing large-scale events with a high number of participants with different cultures and languages. Thanks to its network of interpreters and translators, our company is able to handle an important number of figures who require quick and professional simultaneous interpreting services. In the case of the Olympics, interpreters ensure that communication between different stakeholders is smooth and that information is accessible to everyone, regardless of the language they speak. Without their valuable work, a world-class event like the Olympics would not be possible. Their skills and hard work help make the Olympics a truly global and inclusive event.


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