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If you are looking for a Negotiation interpreter in Rome, we have what's right for you!
You might think that liaison interpreting is something you know very little about. But chances are, watching the news on television, you've already seen a liaison interpreter in action.
Liaison interpreting is one of the most common forms of interpreting activities, in which the interpreter works with a maximum of two languages, translating during a meeting between two or more people: for example during an institutional meeting or a meeting between diplomats or a meeting, a business lunch at a company, trade fairs, one-to-one training, cultural visits, court hearings, medical visits provided to Italian-speaking citizens…
This type of interpreting, however, is not as simple as it sounds: a liaison interpreter has to handle much more than just translating the language.
For this reason, relying on an agency like Congressi Internazionali will make the choice of your business interpreter in Rome flawless!


As we have already said before, liaison interpreting is not easy.
It requires perfect interpretation that goes beyond memory, note-taking and visualization; it also needs intuition, observation, on the part of the interpreter derived from a discreet but careful eye contact with the speaker and at the same time with the listener, since it must incorporate body language, gestures and intonations to convey the rendering as accurately as possible.
Often working without equipment, the interpreters have to modulate their voice in order to be heard, without however creating discord between the two speakers.
Words are so important when it comes to interpreting, that they can sometimes be crucial for negotiation: just think of the Soviet Union-United States summit in 1987, when the Russian interpreter Pavel Palazhchenko decided to use the word "competitors". instead of "opponents". The turning point was decisive, so much so that today, when Trump speaks of Putin, he uses the same word.


Make sure you hire the right and the best business interpreter in Rome by partnering with a reputable and professional language services agency like ours.
We at Congressi Internazionali have been collaborating since 1999 with a number of qualified interpreters and translators with the right experience, linguistic and subject matter expertise, thanks to the careful selection of the best negotiation interpreter in Rome.
In fact, we select only highly specialized linguists in the field of expertise you require, with at least 5 years of experience in that specific sector: whatever type of translation and interpreting you need, our linguists will be at your disposal to help and assist you during the whole event.
Furthermore, we at Congressi Internazionale are able to quickly select the most qualified professional to assist you even on short notice.
Punctuality, professionalism, collaboration, passion, know-how and hard work are the elements that characterize us!
So what are you waiting for?
Choose the best in the field, choose us, choose International Congresses!

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