Simultaneous Translation – Big news coming in September

Traduzione Simultanea – Grandi novità in arrivo per Settembre

Summer is almost over, a new autumn is coming and with it the return to our daily routines. However, the period of work uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has deeply shaken the balance of the current working condition, shifting the commitment and presence of workers from the physical plane, through companies, offices, shops, to the virtual one, through our computers and the magic of the internet.

In a world where social distancing and smart working go hand in hand, new solutions designed for companies are needed to maintain contact between people. We at International Congresses want to find a solution.

VideoConference in the time of Covid-19

The solution we propose will be in the spotlight starting from September: Congressi Internazionali intends to expand the possibilities of online meetings by bringing together hardware and software, side by side to create a hybrid system of Remote interpreting ready to satisfy any need.

Are you planning a conference, company meeting or seminar?
Their organization can be quite complex between blocked flights and state-imposed security measures. The situation becomes more complicated if you want to invite foreign guests who speak a language other than ours; or, on the contrary, if you want to guarantee your guests an audience made up of people from different backgrounds.

From September all this won't be a problem: you put in the guests, we'll take care of the rest!
In fact, our sophisticated system of receivers with dedicated headphones is combined with the preparation of our interpreters, to guarantee your audience a simultaneous translation efficient and clear. And for those who want to follow the event from home?

Nothing simpler: app Rafiky Connect is ready to satisfy your every need.
Through convenient packages designed for multiples of 50 people, for a price of less than €1 per person, it will be possible for anyone to immediately reach the meeting, connect and follow it entirely in their own language!

Unlimited participation, anywhere, in any language

With us of Congressi Internazionali, no barrier is unbeatable. The preparation of our technicians and the skill of our interpreters will guarantee your company an excellent result, as well as a great impression for your brand.

Cristian Crivello 

IC Press Office

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