Conference Interpreting for World Cultural Diversity Day

Interpretariato di conferenza per la Diversità Culturale

International events of conference interpreting as a tool of preservation of cultural diversity.

April has left the door open for May, Cultural Diversity Month. An invitation to stop for a moment to reflect, to recognize and celebrate the cultures and peoples of this world.

The World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development, whose anniversary falls on 21 May, urges us to consider every day as a valid occasion to promote diversity and the intercultural dialogue, whose ultimate goal is to build a society stable, supportive and sustainable.

It's not just about acknowledging the existence of other cultures. It is more about coming into contact with them, integrating with them, knowing them, smelling and tasting them, respecting them.

Equate rather than balance. Celebrate, rather than tolerate. Nobody wins, nobody loses. The different, the unknown has fascinated human beings since time immemorial. The exploration of new lands, the human contact with people with customs and traditions different from their own.

Different is not wrong. It's just different”.

Only by recognizing the fact that different cultures exist, we would be able to appreciate them even more.

Just look in the newspaper. Every day, even if we don't realize it, we deal with different cultures, in their tangible and intangible guise.

In the field of corporate business, the cultural diversity in the workplace it is seen almost as a showpiece. According to some research, a company that has a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural management team has a 35% higher chance of success and performance than the total. This is probably because the overall view is not one-sided, but multi-directional and innovative. In short, a panacea for the internal well-being of the company but also for its external performance.

Conference Interpreting for Cultural Diversity

Congressi Internazionali it feeds on culture every day. The interpreters and linguists who make up our team are the real engine towards implementation of cultural and linguistic diversity. As event organizers and interpreting agency, our work involves contact with clients and participants from all over the world. When we deliver conference interpreters for international events, we know that we are giving space to interlingual and intercultural communication, aimed at dialogue and mutual understanding.

International events in conferences and webinars are the right stage for interacting with culturally and linguistically diverse and interesting people and identities.

The art of interpreting and the international event sees the role of the interpreter of fundamental conference for the purposes of a dialogue and a sustainable communication. In fact, the conference interpreter makes use of his knowledge and skills, from a linguistic and cultural point of view, to convey a suitable and compliant message to the target audience.

International Congresses choose to honor cultural diversity every day, and urge everyone to do the same.

How to celebrate World Day of Cultural Diversity?

Here are some suggestions on what to do today. In addition to listening to traditional music from a new nation, attend a cultural event, face-to-face or online, or learn a new language.

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