Face-to-face events: is it possible to return to simultaneous interpretation?

Interpretazione simultanea per eventi in presenza

The events return to the field, supported by services simultaneous interpretation.

The decree of April 21, approved by the Council of Ministers, was thus cited as the "reopening" decree. The title itself speaks for itself. In fact, the decree allows us to glimpse a glimmer of light for all commercial and social activities, which have so far lived in dim light and chaos.

Reopening, albeit gradually, means being able to breathe that normality that we have missed so much. The action plan described in the decree moves in the light of the latest scientific data on infections and the progress of the vaccination plan. Given the progress made with the vaccination campaign, it is expected that the activities that - previously subject to restrictions - will resume taking place in compliance with the regional protocols and the measures approved by the government together with the Technical-Scientific Committee.

Target the restoration of economic and social well-being, national and international events are back on stage making their live debut. In fact, from 15 June in the yellow zone regions, it will be possible to organize fairs, while from early July international conferences and congresses. Entry into the national territory remains permitted, except for restrictions imposed by the foreign country of departure.

The events sector is anxiously waiting, and the positive note is that it will still be possible to carry out preparatory activities in the absence of an audience even on dates prior to the aforementioned official ones. By doing so, companies will be given all the time they need to organize the event to perfection.

The main cities of Italy will once again be flooded with tourists and visitors from all over the world, involving an entire supply chain in the tourism and Horeca sector. The arrival and participation in events of foreigners in Italy is the "cause of the return ticket" also for the sector of simultaneous interpretation, which had to reinvent itself in digital form due to the lockdown.

The simultaneous interpretation service

Although initially a contingent amount of events were canceled due to lockdown, the world of interpreting and translation managed to be at the height of its power. Remotely, the interpreters continued to provide a excellent service and highly professional, despite the restrictions and the "short notice" – to talk.

However, the residential event assisted by the traditional simultaneous interpretation service brings great joy to the companies and all the participants, ça va sans dire.

First of all, the social relations, which can develop in the course of an event, are multilateral: the speaker communicates indirectly with the audience through the intervention of the interpreter. The eye contact with the participants and the physical presence of the interpreter convey a sense of major confidence for the event speaker. The simultaneous interpreter is the joint of cultural exchanges and linguistic.

Secondly, the technical equipment which is installed during a simultaneous interpretation service allows participants to attend one optimal performance and extraordinary. On the technical aspect and the success of multilingual communication, in some cases it would be worth saying that on-live it could demonstrate great success.

Congressi Internazionali is a leading company specialized in equipment rental for simultaneous interpretation. The digital instruments together with the infrared amplification system allow the participants to receive the translation in real time by earphones, and for our translators to carry out their work in soundproofed booths.

We choose for you only the best performers professionals native language on the market, specially trained for simultaneous interpretation. Our simultaneous interpreters have gained many years of experience in translation and interpreting, through which they have developed outstanding multitasking and quick concentration skills. They therefore have all the credentials to be able to enter live alongside you!

Assuming and not granting that there is a U-turn in the roadmap for reopening, with International Congresses you will be able to organize your events in total safety, in compliance with the regulations in force. 

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