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TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATION: what are the differences?

Translation and Interpreting are used almost indifferently, and often confused..

The two activities are closely related and both pertain to the field of linguistic and cultural mediation. And yet, between translation and interpreting there is a profound difference: it means for interpreting "the activity, function, career of the interpreter as an oral translator from or into a foreign language" (il Devoto Oli, Vocabolario della Lingua italiana, Milan, 2016).
The interpreter therefore listens to the message to be translated and reproduces it orally in the target language. The translator instead it transmits a message from one language to another through writing: of course
for translation, in fact, the "transfer of a text in a language other than the original" (Devoto Oli, Milan, 2016).
The substantial difference therefore seems to be represented only by the channel of transmission of the language: oral in the  interpretation, written in translation; but it is not quite (only) so.
Language knowledge, skills and abilities, study paths and training of translators and interpreters they are very different.
The interpreter, unlike the translator, must not translate word for word, but faithfully transfer the general meaning of the speaker's message, to ensure communication between the parties
otherwise impossible. It is therefore required to interpreter maximum concentration and great ability to organize and select content to be reproduced in the target language.
The translator, on the other hand, must first analyses, with extreme precision, words, text structure and composition, and pay the utmost attention to details and nuances of meaning, depending on the type of text, the cultural sector and the intentions of the author.
There are therefore different times, methods and places of translation and interpreting activities: the interpreter instantly "lends" his voice to the speaker, the translator "rewrites" the author's message.
In choosing an interpreter or translator, it is therefore necessary to take into account different components, always giving priority to those qualities that must necessarily unite the two figures: sense of responsibility, professionalism, seriousness and unconditional love for languages and cultures .
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We are also the only agency in Italy of translation and interpreting not to request additional costs or percentages on the activity of our interpreters. We know how important their work is and we want to protect it!
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