Translation headsets – Comparison of systems

translation headphones

How many times have you wondered which translation headset system to use for your conference?

Which system would be more suitable and convenient for you?

In the world of International Congresses there are two types of systems.

Let's discover the first headset system for translation: the "bidule" system.

The "bidule" or light simultaneous translation system simply uses a microphone for the interpreter, an interpreting table and headphones for the listeners.

In fact, it does not require any use of the so-called standard cabins.

It is used in situations where interlocutor(s) and listeners need to communicate, but do not know each other's language. In fact, the simultaneous interpreter will translate the matter for them.

Inside are the transmission devices (microphone and/or PDA) and the receivers of the translation headphones.

One of the disadvantages, however, is certainly that of acoustics: it does not allow isolation and furthermore, being in radio frequency, it can be subject to interference.

This system is therefore suitable for those who plan an event with few participants and have a tight budget. In fact it is very simple to use and also cheap.

It also features great energy savings: it allows use of the disposable battery for 3 days.

It is especially recommended for small events, up to a number of 50 people (for example meetings or company refresher courses that require the use of different languages) and for guided tours, so as to be able to communicate comfortably through headphones with your listeners .

Let's now discover the second headset system for interpreting: the wireless system.

The wireless system Digital Congress Network (DCN) Bosch, on the other hand, represents the perfect solution for environments such as multifunctional and historic buildings.

Inside is the transmission device (fixed microphone with a refined design).

The wireless system is both powerful, yet easy to use, ensuring only the best for our customers. Thanks to the reduced setup time, several events can be organized in sequence, thus providing more effective use of space.

In the case of historic buildings, the advantages are numerous. In fact, it can be used without damaging the delicate environment in which it is mounted. No wires will be used, holes will be made in it; it also guarantees low sensitivity to interference from mobile phones.

However, some disadvantages are certainly: the high cost, which also requires the work of specialized technicians and the large space required by the cabins, which not all places can accommodate.

Thanks to the management of its functions for each type of conference, the system is suitable for all types of events, from small meetings to multilingual international conferences.

We at Congressi Internazionali offer this and much more, thanks to the experience of our highly trained technicians who are always ready for your every need.

What are you waiting for then? Contact us as soon as possible!

We carry out our service in the main Italian areas (Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Cagliari, Palermo and Venice) and our events have had and still have great success thanks to the experience of our interpreters, the professionalism of our technicians, the quality of the equipment and above all thanks to the dedication to the work we do.

And you? Which translation headset system do you prefer? Which translation headset system will you choose for your next conference with us?


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