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Use headphones for translation in Turin it is essential when it comes to sightseeing. In fact, the city, despite not being as famous as Rome or Milan, has a breathtaking landscape: the Po river flowing through it, the steep hills that show and give relevance to the Italian Alps in the distance. One of the most famous architects in history defined Turin as the city with the most beautiful landscape in the world. Furthermore, it has nothing to envy to Rome or Milan for its tourism sector: in fact, in recent years it has shown exponential growth, which has increased by 29 percent in the last 4 years. For this reason, it is essential to hire our tour guide system: light, practical, but above all effective, it provides a quality never seen before in the interpreting sector. So, if you are planning a tourist visit to Turin, our translation headsets are right for you.


As we have already said, the tourism sector is strongly expanding in Turin. It's not just the big events that attract visitors but the city throughout the year even in the usually more difficult summer period. In the month in which the city empties, tourists arrive to visit the beauties of the capital, registering an increase of 11.3% of visitors in August alone, bringing almost 100,000 tourists to Turin. (10,000 more than in 2018). Furthermore, thanks to the main events that took place in the city, the data turned out to be very positive also in the month of October, reaching a peak of 9.3 percent, which means over 140,000 visitors, the record month so far: but in this state it was intuition. In addition, the month of November also confirms the peak of visitors, with almost 10,000 visitors more than 12 months earlier. This is because the city of Turin, steeped in culture, art, shows, museums, events and tourist events, has managed to gain a place in the rankings among the most visited cities in Italy, especially in recent years. In short… Turin is once again confirming itself as an increasingly tourist-oriented city.


We at International Congresses therefore have the millet at our disposal headphone system for translation in Turin. Our system headphones for translation in Turin it is suitable for use for guided tours indoors and outdoors, but can also be used in meetings where one or more interpreters translate the speech. The system is easy to use and requires no installation. Furthermore, it is possible that it is also used in the case of users with hearing aids in the group carrying out the tourist visit. To meet accessibility requirements and provide an unprecedented audio experience for the hearing impaired, be sure to use our products. Rent our tour guide system and ours headphones for translation in Turin. Request a free quote, it will be ready in just 30 minutes. What are you waiting for to choose us? Choose us, choose the best in the field, choose International Congresses.

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