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The interpreter agency agrees a quote with the client and assigns the job (translation or interpreting service) to the project manager.

Making use of qualified and professional figures, a Interpreting agency offers to its customers translation services and interpreting diversified, according to customer requests.

In the initial phase, having carefully evaluated the request on a linguistic, content and formal level, the Interpreting agency agree on a quote with the client and assign the work (translation or interpreting service) al project manager.

At this point, the most suitable translators or interpreters are selected according to the request, the type of event or the language combination.

Among the different types of existing interpreting, the conference interpreting is the most used on occasions such as congresses, conferences, conventions between speakers of different languages.

In conference interpreting there are generally two methods: the classic one simultaneous translation in the booth, chosen above all for conventions or congresses with many participants, and consecutive translation, for events with limited participation: the simultaneous translator listens to the speaker's message through headphones and reproduces it simultaneously for the audience; the consecutive interpreter, on the other hand, without the aid of equipment, sits next to the speaker, listens to his message and, once the speech is over, reproduces it in the target language.

Another type of interpreting service is the chuchotage: the interpreter normally sits next to the speaker and whispers (from the French verb whisper = "whisper") in real time in the ear of the listener or listeners the speaker's message translated into the target language.

On occasions such as institutional talks, diplomatic meetings, commercial negotiations, round tables, visits by foreign delegations, the presence of a negotiation interpreter is required, who listens and translates the message from language A to language B, without the aid of equipment and technical equipment, such as soundproof booths or headphones used for the simultaneous translation, and guarantees, through the translation of the respective messages, communication and interaction between the parties.

Congressi Internazionali it's a Interpreting agency leader in the sector, and was created with a precise objective: to facilitate communication between speakers of different languages.

Thanks to our network of translators e interpreters in Rome, Milan and throughout the national territory, we have been supplying, for more than ten years, translation services and interpreting in all languages, for different language combinations and different types of requests.

If you are looking for translators or interpreters for your event, Congressi Internazionali represents the right solution for you.

Choose yours translation or interpreting service and entrust your event to professionals in the sector.


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