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Congressi Internazionali, as a leading company in the interpreting sector in this difficult situation for us as for everyone continues in its activities with resilience and unity.

Thanks to our interpreters who have made themselves available to continue working from home, thanks to the technical staff, who guarantee the continuity of services, even remotely and provide essential support as always, for our company.

Unfortunately we are forced to touch a situation that we would never have imagined having to face: we know in fact that all types of events, such as congresses, fairs, business meetings, conferences and international conventions will remain suspended until April 3rd, if not later. .

We of Congressi Internazionali despite everything, we continue our work undaunted with passion, reliability, transparency but above all with the collaboration that has always distinguished us and which, especially in this period, should become the watchword of each of us.

Because not even Covid-19 will be able to defeat us!


We are all aware of the difficult days that not only Italy, but the whole world is going through.

This is why we reiterate our closeness to all the companies that find themselves in the same situation as us.

For our part, we of Congressi Internazionali, as already mentioned above, we are doing our best to adopt alternative services to the traditional ones, to bring our customers back to that pinch of everyday life from which, unfortunately, we have been forced to move away and to which we hope to return soon!

Furthermore, we join the appeal made by Prime Minister Conte to stay at home, go out as little as possible and only if necessary: we do our duty and everything will be fine.

We have no doubts that Italy will recover as soon as possible and will thus become a model to follow: as we have already seen in recent days, many countries belonging to the European Union have adopted the same directives adopted by our nation.


We of International Congressi can't wait to get back to our work and continue booming.

This situation also makes us proud and repays us for all the efforts we have always made and will continue to make, because in such a moment it is essential to remain united and above all to try to spread a great appeal of hope to all those who are at our side. following.

We need it for ourselves, to feel closer in this critical moment.

It serves our clients, our interpreters, our technicians, our team, our Italy to remember that Congressi Internazionali continues to do its job and deploys all its resources and skills at the service of its customers!

Once again our goal is to leave your mark, to guarantee your success, to make Italy proud of our sector, despite everything.

Come on Italy! Force Congressi Internazionali! We will come back stronger than before!

Choose the best in the industry, choose us, choose International Congresses.

So we of Congressi Internazionali here we are, and you?

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