International Congresses – Hybrid Simultaneous Translation Systems – The future is now

Congressi Internazionali – Sistemi ibridi di Traduzione Simultanea

Get one simultaneous translation during a video conference, a meeting or other types of virtual meetings is increasingly important nowadays, especially for meetings of a certain depth. In order to get a simultaneous interpreting service various strategies were adopted, "hybrid systems" that suited the needs of the participants.

What type of hybrid systems exist?

In this article we go more technical, we have 3 types of hybrid systems for video conferencing:

1. Interpreters from home and all hardware on location

In this first case, the convenience lies in the fact that you don't have to set up the huge and horrible booths in the location: the interpreters work from home and the participants listen through the usual receivers with headphones.

The strengths are as follows:

  • Savings from 30% to 50% on costs;
  • Eco friendly: you don't have to move 400 kg cabins with huge vans;
  • Possibility of holding the event in smaller or less accessible rooms;
  • Participants can listen via App on their mobile phone.

2. Traditional on-site event

In this case all the hardware and booths will be placed in the event hall but with

possibility of streaming the event in all the languages involved.

In this case, users will also have the opportunity to listen through the app Rafiky connect.

3. Completely remote event with the possibility for the customer to have audio and video direction on site.

In this final case, all participants connect from different corners of the world while users can take advantage of cameras and microphones (Hardware) in the locations from where the main speakers connect.

Take the experience to the next level Remote interpreting! Rafiky has extraordinary potential and performance, ensuring a translators, interpreters and industry workers a service of simultaneous translation online capable of guaranteeing a superior quality experience!

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