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We of Congressi Internazionali, as a leading company in the sector in Italy, in such a delicate and difficult moment for everyone, we would like first of all to show our solidarity with all those affected by this virus, with those who have a sick family member or friend, with all the doctors and nurses who fight against the virus every day, to the police who guarantee safety; but above all to our interpreters and technicians, who in this situation are forced not to do the work they love, like many others, like us in primis.

Everyday Congressi Internazionali is committed to guaranteeing the best interpreting and translation services in the area, to connect different people, cultures and worlds.

Unfortunately, the tragic moment that has arisen forces us to lock ourselves up in our homes, without being able to get in touch with our team or with our customers, without being able to organize conferences, events, meetings, fairs…


 However, all this does not mean that Congressi Internazionali has stopped: Our team works 24/7 to guarantee you other technological solutions and improve our means of communication.

At this moment, in which the national directive obliges us not to carry out our core business, the company first of all confirms that all obligations will be duly paid.

We are close not only to our entire team and to our customers, but above all to our motherland: Italy, which allows us to carry out our work every day, to do what we love with passion, to get in touch with people from from the most disparate places, to always learn new things, to develop our projects and make our dreams come true.

We too from Congressi Internazionali we unite with the #everything will be fine, with the hope that all this will soon end up returning to doing what has made us the first in the sector for decades now, and to do so, with ever greater awareness of the fundamental effects that interpreting and translation companies have like ours bring to everyday life.


We of Congressi Internazionali we can't wait to welcome all your requests again stronger than before, more united than before and to complete all the events again with reliability, transparency, collaboration, but above all passion, which is what characterizes us and which will continue to distinguish us over time.

Wishing everyone a peaceful recovery, we send a dear virtual greeting and warmly thank all those who choose to rely on us every day for their projects and to do their job in the best possible way.

Today more than ever we are deeply grateful to you.

And that's why we tell you once again: choose the best in the industry, choose us, choose Congressi Internazionali.

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