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In the heart of Piedmont, in Torre Pelice (TO), an event was held that marked an important step forward in ecological conflict management: the "GE.CO." project. This meeting, held in the Synod Hall and Library of the Waldensian Cultural Center in Torre Pellice, was attended by Italian and French schools, united by a common interest in nature and its protection. 

The GE.CO. project.

The "GE.CO." project aims to address and manage ecological conflicts that may arise in the protection of two iconic species in the cross-border area: the Lanza Salamander and the Brown Trout. With funding of about 1.6 million euros, the project includes study and monitoring activities, as well as outreach to schools and the public. 

A number of Italian and French partners are involved in the project, including the Monviso Protected Areas Management Authority, the Metropolitan City of Turin, the Parc Naturel Régional du Queyras, the Fédération des Hautes-Alpes for fishing and protection of the milieu aquatique, and the French company Oxalis of Aix-les-Bains, acting as lead partner. 

These partners work together to achieve the common goal of protecting and preserving the biodiversity of the transboundary territory. The Monviso Protected Area Management Authority, for example, is in charge of managing protected areas in the Monviso region, while the Metropolitan City of Turin is in charge of managing urban and peri-urban areas in the city of Turin. 

The Parc Naturel Régional du Queyras, located in the French Alps, is a protected area that is home to rich biodiversity, including Lanza's Salamander and Brown Trout. The Fédération des Hautes-Alpes pour la pêche et la protection du milieu aquatique is responsible for protecting the aquatic environment and promoting sustainable fishing. 

French company Oxalis of Aix-les-Bains, acting as the lead partner, coordinates project activities and ensures that all partners work together to achieve project goals. 

The role of interpretation

For this important event, Congressi Internazionali provided the professional interpreters from its network, providing simultaneous and consecutiveinterpreting services. These services were instrumental in facilitating communication between the Italian and French participants, enabling an effective exchange of ideas and information.

The simultaneous interpretingallowed participants to follow discussions in real time, without interruption. Interpreters, listening to the speech in one language, simultaneously translated it into another, allowing everyone to immediately understand what was being said.

The consecutive interpreting, on the other hand, was used during question-and-answer sessions. In this case, the interpreter would listen to the entire speech or question, take notes, and then translate it into the desired language.

These interpreting services enabled participants to overcome language barriers and communicate effectively with each other. Thanks to our interpreters, participants were able to share their ideas and experiences, contributing to the success of the project. 

The "GE.CO." project, which will end in 2026, is an excellent example of how international collaboration can lead to innovative solutions for managing the various ecological conflicts that plague our territories. Interpreters attending for International Congresses, demonstrated - once again - how important it is to make use of professionals in order to break down any language barriers and work together for a more sustainable future. 


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