Congressi Internazionali: at the Maxxi in Rome, our interpreters for an event on furniture and design

A major event involving the world of furniture and design took place last Friday in Rome. The location, the prestigious MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts, a place that alone represents a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The room chosen for the occasion was the "Carlo Scarpa," a setting that with its elegance and refinement helped create the perfect atmosphere for a meeting of such magnitude.

During the meeting, speakers had the opportunity to tell the audience about the relationship between production and project in the design concept. The focus was Helsinki-based Studio Aalto, a leading name in the international design scene. 

The history of Studio Aalto is fascinating and full of success. It all began almost 90 years ago, when Aino and Alvar Aalto, together with Nils-Gustav Hahl and Maire Gullichsen, decided to join forces and combine their strengths and expertise. In 1935, these two famous Scandinavian architects and the two art experts founded Artek. This company immediately distinguished itself by its commitment to selling Aalto's design products. The goal was to promote a culture of modern living while maintaining a close proximity to the art world. 

Furniture has always played a key role in Artek's philosophy. The goal was, and continues to be, to offer innovative furniture that encompasses characteristics peculiar to architecture and modern art. This vision is highlighted by the company's very name, which represents a perfect marriage of art and technology. 

This tradition, handed down through the years, has come down to the present day and has found fertile ground in Italy. Our country, with its important design companies, has established a well-established collaboration with this Scandinavian firm. This synergy has allowed the creation of unique products that combine the elegance of Scandinavian design with Italian taste and passion. 

All’evento di venerdì 1° marzo, evento di grande rilievo, gli interpreti professionisti di Congressi Internazionali hanno fornito il loro servizio di Simultaneous interpreting. Questo ha consentito ai relatori di esprimersi liberamente nella propria lingua madre e, agli ospiti, di acquisire i concetti tradotti nella maniera più fedele possibile. Questo servizio ha contribuito a rendere l’evento un successo, permettendo a tutti di comprendere appieno i temi trattati e di partecipare attivamente alle discussioni. 

The event at the Maxxi in Rome was therefore an important moment of discussion and growth for the world of furniture and design. An opportunity to celebrate history and innovation, to look to the future without forgetting the roots of the past. 



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