New frontiers: hybrid interpreting for successful events


Over the last two years, between technological evolution and uncertainties due to the repeated waves of COVID-19, the business world has undergone a radical transformation. The same interpreting, intrinsically linked to the organization of face-to-face conferences, has been deeply affected and changed by the pandemic. We therefore speak of  hybrid interpreting.

The obligations and stops during the lock down have proved to be a real challenge for the sector, to which we have however responded promptly and professionally. After an initial and physiological hesitation, in fact, we can now say that the interpreting came out stronger and improved da un periodo storico così complesso, evolvendosi grazie a nuovi strumenti 2.0.

Online interpreting: the point of the situation

As we have seen, despite the lock down period and the consequent sense of bewilderment that affected all categories, interpreting has managed to reinvent itself by investing in the technological development of new tools, in order to facilitate communication between people even remotely. 

They have been implemented for this purpose solutions increasingly linked to the digital world, able to shorten the distance between online interpreters and professionals, such as telephone interpreting and that video. International conferences have turned into virtual events and multilingual webinars, allowing millions of people to return to collaborate, breaking down physical and linguistic barriers thanks to the professionalism of our preparations remote interpreters

La situazione è nel frattempo cambiata ed è oggi possibile tornare ad organizzare convegni anche in presenza. Secondo l’ordinanza n. 290 del 6 dicembre 2021, pubblicata sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale («Guidelines for the resumption of economic and social activities»), conferences are open to all professionals with a green pass or replacement medical declaration, provided that the organizers of the events comply with the limitations established. In particular, the distance between the participants must be guaranteed, the constant sanitation of the rooms and of the technical equipment used, as well as the presence of physical barriers, sanitizers and qualified personnel who guarantee the fulfillment of these duties. 

Organizing a multilingual convention remains a complex task, which however we are now able to complete successfully. It is therefore possible return to face-to-face interaction, communicating with different cultures and forging new partnerships in a smart way, precisely by exploiting the new digital tools "children" of the lessons we have learned over the last two years. 

Thus was born a new way of interpreting, said "hybrid", which combines the classic methods of the sector with the most recent online communication tools.

Hybrid interpreting: conferences in attendance 2.0

If we analyze the results of the last few months, we can only feel proud of our work. The new ones remote interpreters have mastered the best available hardware and software. This has allowed the world to continue doing business online as well. 

Part of the technologies developed for this purpose can now also be used during the on-site conferences. A particularly significant example is the one offered by Rafiky, our partner web conferencing platform, which has designed a smartphone app suitable for conferences. The app allows participants to enjoy simultaneous translations through your own device and headphones. This results in a substantial reduction of costs for the equipment and its sensitization (estimated between 40 and 60%). Furthermore, greater safety is guaranteed for all the people who use it, as they will be able to maintain distance more easily and limit contact with surfaces and foreign objects. 

Furthermore, thanks to the enhancement of the entire audio-video sector, it is possible also make the interpreters and people who prefer or can't move. This allows you to expand your audience and collaborate with the best professionals, at the same time keeping the entrance quotas and the management costs low.

Congressi Internazionali is therefore today able to offer a complete, versatile service that is perfectly in line with current regulations, while maintaining very high quality standards. Relying on us means maximizing performance and optimizing resources, as we study tailor-made solutions for our customers. After a careful analysis of your needs and availability, in fact, we will be able to indicate the type of interpreting most suitable for your specific case, managing all the technical part and the related equipment both on site and remotely.


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