How to organize a perfect congress

organize a congress

If you are thinking of organize a congress, you probably have a thousand questions on your mind. Where to start? How much will the event cost? With which and how many external companies will I have to coordinate? As you will well understand, planning a conference is really complicated, especially for beginners. Not to mention all the bureaucratic and health aspects unfortunately linked to the COVID emergency. If you are looking to organize a online or face-to-face event, here are some suggestions and advice to succeed in the enterprise!

Organizing a congress: tips for a perfect result

First, stop and objectively analyze the situation. Try to identify the reasons for which you want to organize the congress and which ones budget you have available. What then is the target of the event? What would you like to communicate to the participants and for what purpose? We know, these may seem complex questions to you, but it is essential to ask them and find an answer as soon as possible.

When you have understood which direction to take, it is time to identify the main topic of the congress and draw up a programmer. Aim for content that is informative, but not too heavy or boring for attendees. To do this, carefully decide who to entrust with the reins of the congress.

Then dedicate yourself to search for the perfect location. Not only will you have to evaluate the capacity of the structure, but also the services offered and the location. Especially if you are looking to organize a international congress, prefer locations close to airports and hotels. So fix one data sufficiently in advance and advertise the appointment using social networks and newsletters.

At this point, carefully evaluate the services and the necessary technical equipment for the event you are planning. If the location does not have everything you need, you will have to agree with an external supplier and rent what is missing. Also, if foreign people are expected to participate, you will also need to hire one or more interpreters and translators.

And if you want to organize one instead video call remotely? Obviously, it will be a simpler job than a conference in attendance, but don't underestimate the technical aspects at stake. Rely on professional services and use software and hardware tools that can also handle many users connected at the same time.

Organizing the perfect congress is really complicated and, if you have no experience, the result could be quite disappointing. So how can you manage to create the perfect event, optimizing time and money? Simple, just rely on Congressi Internazionali!

International Congresses: our offer

In Congressi Internazionali, thanks to our experience, we take care of the organization of your events in all their parts. Whether they're remote or onsite, we'll be able to provide you with all the tools you need to get the best possible result. Indeed, thanks to the impeccable work of our collaborators, we are able to guarantee our customers the best services on the market. We always try to invest in flexible hardware and software solutions, suitable for your every request.

If you are looking for, for example, an online solution, we have made available the best software and remote interpreters. Thanks to us it will be very easy to organize even large video calls, during which all participants will understand every word spoken.

Se invece preferisci organizzare un congresso in presenza, potrai comunque usufruire di strumenti tech dedicati, come l?app Rafiky. Thanks to it, in fact, your guests will be able to have an interpreter directly on their smartphone or tablet! That way, you'll need less technical equipment and won't have to sanitize hundreds of rented devices.

So if you want to organize a perfect congress, contact us for a free estimate. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your project.

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