Are you looking for the rental of an interpreting system in Rome?

Are you looking for the rental of an interpreting system in Rome?

The rental of an interpreting system in Rome especially is very relevant, especially since it is the capital of Italy, one of the oldest places in the world.
If you think about it, it has always been the meeting place of many cultures: Greek, Roman, Arab, Egyptian, thus resulting in being the largest megalopolis of the time.
The real Romans never existed, not even when we stop to talk about very ancient peoples.
Instead, we can speak of a Roman civilization, thanks to the integration of peoples of different ethnicities and cultures.
Even today it is always full of different cultures: not only does Euromonitor report it as the fifteenth most visited city in the world, but 382,577 people from other countries live in it (Asia, Africa, Europe, Morocco, America and even Oceania). .
Therefore, for effective communication, not only a good translator is enough, but also a good simultaneous translation system is inevitably needed.
Only in this way will it be possible to achieve the ultimate goal of integration between peoples who speak different languages, and only in this way will each of us be able to fully understand the other.
We at Congressi Internazionali provide the rental of the translation system in Rome, in all places in the capital.
Our service consists in hiring the translation system in Rome, thanks to the help of a specialized technician who, in the event of a request for assistance, will carry out an initial inspection in which you will be provided with details on the assembly and disassembly of the system; he will also take care of you from the beginning to the end of the event, in order to complete it successfully.

But what does the rental of the translation system in Rome include?

Soundproofed translation booths, designed in compliance with international standards, to allow interpreters maximum efficiency in interpreting work, isolating them from the external environment.
In the booth, interpreters will be equipped with DCN Next Generation 32 microphone languages with headsets.
Microphones, radio microphones (headset, lavalier, lapel, ice cream, fixed and mobile, with cable and without cable) and microphone bases
Receivers with Sony headband headphones for simultaneous digital infrared translation BOSCH 12 with which each listener can select the language he wants to hear: we operate with more than 120 languages.
Digital transmitter and radiators to distribute high quality wireless audio and allow translation to be broadcast to all microphones in the venue.

So why choose us for the rental of the interpreting system in Rome?

Our goal is to ensure that your event can be successful and to do so we use all our strength: in fact, its triumph not only guarantees a positive result for you, but also a high sense of satisfaction for us, who carry out every event with the passion that characterizes us so much, not limiting ourselves only to the rental of the interpreting system in Rome, but also taking care of the same in the smallest details.
We already operate in the main Italian areas and we are waiting for you for our next event. What are you waiting for then? Contact us for a quote, we will in fact be happy to listen to your requests.

Bosch demonstrate new interpreter desk


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