The year of changes for online events

Cambiamenti per gli eventi online

Il 2021 sarà l? year of changes per gli eventi online: this, we of Congressi Internazionali we know it. Organize online events è ormai imprescindibile per la sopravvivenza di innumerevoli imprese ed aziende. Come fare, d?altronde, a confrontarsi, discutere, scambiare idee, dati, modelli, previsioni, proposte ed opinioni di stampo professionale in un periodo in cui la pandemic of Covid-19 has it changed our conception of work?

In short, there is no escape. DPCM, public safety rules e così via hanno ormai reso impossibile riunirsi in presenza. Ma l?emergenza mondiale che stiamo affrontando rischia non solo di subvert the rules temporarily, offering online events as a secondary refuge, as a substitute for the traditional offline meeting: in all likelihood, it has changed our way of conceiving the meeting forever, and will remain a viable and popular option even after the pandemic.

Why changes for events online?

As we have already said in the past, it is undeniable that it smart working comporti parecchi benefici logistici: chi non deve spostarsi per raggiungere fisicamente il luogo dell?incontro will save on the respective costs, not to mention the additional expenses related to the venue, ossia il luogo fisico che ospiterà l?evento, quelle relative al vitto e all?alloggio dei partecipanti e così via. Ultimo ma non ultimo, la possibilità di seguire qualsiasi evento comodamente dal proprio soggiorno è certamente indice di una vita più rilassante.

How to adapt, therefore?

This is where International Congresses come into play: we have been offering you services since 1999 organization of events and interpreting ad altissimi livelli di professionalità, spinti da un?inarrestabile passione per il mestiere. Assieme a Rafiky, the platform of remote simultaneous translation (or RSI) with which we collaborate, we have renewed our know-how, we have adapted to change and we are therefore, as always, ready to offer you online event organization and management services, more charged and determined than ever to satisfy our customers. So it doesn't matter how much actually smart working will introduce itself into our post-pandemic lives: you will always find in us a reliable, powerful and convenient tool to manage all your needs.

Do not hesitate further: contact us for any clarification or need: we will be happy to work alongside you.

Francesco Ganci
C.I. Press Office

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