Chinese Italian business etiquette and interpreting

Business etiquette and Chinese-Italian interpreting

The demand for is constantly growing Chinese interpreters by Italian companies. The reason is very simple: China has been there for years now greater economic power worldwide.

Doing business with Chinese partners and companies is a growth opportunities for many Western companies, including SMEs and Italian multinationals. But being able to communicate with China, whose language and culture are so far from ours, can not only be difficult, but impossible if you don't have the right tools and if you don't take the right measures.

The Chinese it is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and increasingly studied precisely because of it importance in the field economic-commercial. Numerous Italian companies over the years have managed to reach the heart of China through the silk road. We rediscover one of the latest examples of success in the fashion sector: Italy has marked a record of historical importance in commercial relations with China precisely in the fashion & luxury sector.

According to the data of Ice Beijing on imports into China for the first half of the current year (January-June 2021)、Italia was awarded the title of largest fashion exporting country for the textile sector. The same sector that has gained a 46% increase in imports into China, of which 96% from Italian industry, for an economic value equal to 6 billion dollars (12% of the market). 

The strong surge in Italian fashion exports to China is mainly motivated by three factors: the search for a internal consumption towards luxury brands traditionally linked to Italy (especially for leather goods, jewellery, clothing, footwear), due to the phenomenon of the so-called "revenge spending” post pandemic, and for the closure of trade relations with Hong Kong.

What do you need to know to do business with China?

You have to know how to move in smart and strategic way. First of all, know the market: analysis, research and insights into the Chinese market are necessary in order to implement an action plan. You need to know your target audience: how, what, where the average Chinese buys.

You have to rely on industry professionals in China: precise and current parameters and statistics are necessary to understand how to move in the vast Chinese market. Each market has its own rules, its own regulations. Knowing them is not an option.

Finally, rely on professional linguists and mother tongue interpreters. The figure of a ChineseItalian interpreter will be necessary for business meetings, business meetings. We often talk about "business etiquette”.

Behind the economy of a state hides, so to speak, its culture, its identity as a people, its history. Knowing, understanding, respecting these aspects therefore allows the Chinese counterpart to feel appreciated and listened to. An interpreter specialized in the combination of ItalianChinese will therefore know how to approach an interlocutor of Chinese nationality, in order to favor a linear and fair dialogue, respecting both parties.

The culture factor is related to the language factor. Knowing how to speak and knowing how to "act" often mean the same thing, but a self-taught person does not always know all the rules to follow according to good "business etiquette". A professional Chinese Italian interpreter does. This is where the difference lies between those who work in the field as professionals and those who don't. It's not enough to know how to speak, you also need to know how to communicate.

The mission of Congressi Internazionale is to help Italian and international companies achieve their goals. We have been helping companies break down language and cultural barriers for decades to make them successful internationally. We provide support and assistance to Italian companies present in China and Chinese companies based in Italy in communicating with their audience and interlocutors.

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