Italian companies abroad: the interpreter for France and the United Kingdom

Italian companies abroad: the figure of the Italian interpreter

Expansion of your business abroad requires a strong concentration it's a marketing strategy well thought out and targeted: to achieve even more success, rely on a Italian interpreter it is often recommended, if not necessary. 

When your company is ready to take flight abroad and its mission becomes to conquer the world out of your "comfort zone", its message, its values and its brand identity must come through loud and clear. One misstep could play tricks on you and force you to back down. Without a guideline and an action plan, falling into misunderstandings or disappointments is just a matter of a few minutes, to talk.

Abroad represents the opportunity to do business and to grow internationally, but also the high probability of encountering challenges and obstacles. A market that is different from the one you already know and in which you are "stable" can involve long periods of study and analysis. Especially if the target market is told through a completely different culture and language.

In Europe, the markets that most attract Italian companies abroad are the German, French and English markets. The market and the economic and commercial framework of each country in the world reflects and mirrors the characteristics of the culture, habits, philosophy, history and reference language. There are no rules in love, and in business as well. I'll explain. Every market, every country and every culture it has its own rules. A condition without which not because your business can be successful abroad is that you rely on business professionals and native-speaking linguist interpreters.

Italy and France are respectively the second largest trading partner – in 2020 Italy's structural surplus amounted to 13.45 billion euros. The economic relations between the two nations report rather singular peculiarities, since there is a high degree of interdependence between the two economies and intra-industrial trade. Therefore, the growth margins are very large for a company that wants to interface with the French market.

Without a French Italian interpreter, the chances that you will be able to communicate with your interlocutors are very low, if any. Not only in B2C relationship, in the sense of the direct relationship with customers, during the sale or after-sales. But also in the relationship with suppliers, sponsors, lenders or distributors. The figure of the interpreter from Italian to French will ensure that your company starts from a more favorable position, which you can take advantage of to gain credibility or trust.

The British market, even following Brexit in 2016, there still remains a business expansion opportunities for many Italian companies. An agreement between the EU and the UK announced last year December 2020 would sanction the creation of a free trade area, without duties and tariffs. This prospect could therefore also be attractive and interesting for Italian companies ready to take off internationally, thus allowing the United Kingdom to climb the ranking of the largest export destination market.

As absurd as it may seem, even and even more in the case of the English language, the intervention of an Italian-English interpreter is essential. English is the lingua franca of the world of commerce, business and international trade. Falling back into broken and arranged English would not help the image of your company.

For this reason, an interpreter agency like Congressi Internazionali can be the most suitable solution! We boast a network of professionals, technicians and interpreters for a vast range of language combinations, from the most well-known (such as the Italian-French or Italian-English combination) to the rarest (such as Italian-Chinese or Italian-Georgian).

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