Interpreter agency: Virtual events and emerging technologies

Interpreting agency

The power of a true Interpreting agency, sta nel riuscire a gestire eventi virtuali in pochi e semplici passaggi.

The pandemic and the advent of the “smart working“, have led more and more companies to take advantage of digital means of communication. Conferences, meetings and events have become virtual, managed remotely and even faster.

Speaking of congresses in which it is necessary to communicate with people of different nationalities, the help of an interpreter agency is absolutely necessary.

Interpreters help us manage meetings, through a simultaneous translation service that informs individual participants. An event can be defined as "successful" when all the participants are able to follow the exhibitions in total autonomy.

By choosing a remote interpreting service, you will be able to independently manage your virtual events and ensure assistance to all those present.

Congressi Internazionali, our interpreting agency, ensures you a quick and easy to manage service, with which you can organize all your events.

Let's find out in detail what type of services you can choose and what the associated advantages are.

Organize virtual events with your trusted interpreter agency

Equipment rental and interpreter agency

Having the experience and expertise of an interpreting agency at your disposal allows you to organize above-average virtual events.

Not only are you offered a remote simultaneous translation service – with a remotely connected interpreter who immediately translates what was said – but you can also rent technological equipment for the purpose of the meeting.

Congressi Internazionali puts various technological systems and equipment at your disposal. In particular, you can request:

The benefits of these systems are measured in relation to time saved and money.

The speed of remote interpreting helps organizers to better manage the event. Likewise, it helps participants not to miss a single step and better understand what is happening.

At the level of saving money, it is clear that the rental of systems and materials is more advantageous than the purchase. The savings are direct and evident, and everything is managed directly by the interpreter agency.


Now that you understand the benefits ofRemote interpreting, now that you know the real potential of an interpreting agency, you can request the service in complete safety.

Congressi Internazionali is committed to offering its customers a clear platform where you can book and manage your events.

By requesting an immediate quote, you will immediately understand which service best suits your needs. In any case, you can contact us for any doubt or perplexity.

We look forward to seeing you soon and running your successful virtual events. Good luck!


Marketing Team International Congresses

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