Interpreter agency – Welcome to the fantastic world of the interpreter

Benvenuto nel fantastico mondo dell’interprete

Se la tua azienda ospita regolarmente eventi commerciali, teleconferenze, conferenze diplomatiche, convegni internazionali o qualsiasi altro incontro in cui devi comunicare in una o più lingue, capire come funziona il lavoro dell’interprete ti sarà molto utile per orientarti nella scelta dell’agenzia di interpreti migliore per le tue esigenze.

What are the qualities that make the interpreter's work unique?

Since man has managed to communicate, interpreters have begun to exist. Their role has always been fundamental in social relations between people of different origins.

While it is difficult to determine when exactly the interpretation began to be used, there are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that indicate that "interpreters" have existed since 3000 BC.

La parola interpreter deriva dal latino ” interpres” che significa “mediatore o intermediario”, quindi è un professionista che fa da raccordo tra due o più persone che non parlano la stessa lingua. Il suo obiettivo è garantire che le parti coinvolte possano comunicare e capirsi in modo efficace.

Neuroscientists have been exploring language for decades and have produced various studies of multilingual speakers. However, the skill of the interpreters is so incredible that understanding the process of simultaneous interpretation is a very big scientific challenge. So much goes on in an interpreter's brain that it's hard to even know where to begin to study it, as many different areas are involved in carrying out one's job.

According to Daniel Gile – translator, interpreter, professor and trainer at the Parisian Sorbonne Nouvelle University – simultaneous interpreting requires three efforts or cognitive functions: listening, memorizing and speaking.

“An interpreter must listen and understand the meaning of a message elaborated in a language; remember it; and build it and naturally transmit it in a different language. And all this happens in seconds.”

A very talented professional

One of the characteristics that make it so special is its ability to analyze and adapt, because when you interpret a language in a lively and direct way you have to rely exclusively on your knowledge and skills to give a correct meaning to what your interlocutor wants to communicate unaided external. The pressure, therefore, can be quite intense, but she knows how to trust his talent and professionalism.

Acting as a bridge between people, conveying the speaker's tone, intentions and emotions (such as playfulness, irony, sarcasm and even humor), the interpreter must practice a number of social skills to deliver successfully his activity. Also, speech speed and accent vary from one speaker to another, adding to the level of complexity of his or her work. When working with humans, language, contexts and technicalities, the interpreter must be empathetic, neutral and charismatic.

Interpreter agency: welcome to the fantastic world of international congresses

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