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interpretazione simultanea a Napoli

It synchronizes the recovery of the normal activities of organization of events in attendance with the service simultaneous interpretation, thanks to the decree in force since 26 April.

The "reopening" decree was issued following the decrease in the number of infections and in conjunction with the vaccination plan. The government's goal is to restore a climate of economic and social well-being, where the concepts of "normality" and "security" do not intersperse. It is believed that even the arrival of summer can be a factor in favor of the restoration of old good habits, in the workplace and in commerce. The government's commitment to encourage the gradual reopening of the commercial and tertiary sectors will (hopefully) be reflected in a recovery in tourism, which has been severely debilitated over the past year.

We aspire to an increase in tourist travel for leisure or for work towards the main Italian cities. Tepidly we await the dates of June 15th to be able to reorganize fairs and July 1st for international conferences and congresses. The national territory offers an incomparable geographical map full of locations annually placed in the spotlight for international and multi-ethnic events, where participants from the most disparate parts of the world gather.

Between these, Napoli is unquestionably one of the focal points to take into consideration.

Simultaneous interpretation with conference interpreters in Naples

One of the main Italian cities that sees every year a large number of tourists from all over the world. Who for one reason, who for another, are all fascinated and overwhelmed by his beauty and from hers potential.

The capital of Campania is one of the main ones industrial and production centers of Southern Italy – which is why it is often selected as a meeting place for many national and international companies and businesses. The multitude of realities involved is concentrated in a city with a strategic geographical position and a significant commercial background.

Therefore, very many international fairs and conferences they choose Naples as the stage for their performances. Our interpreting agency has been operating in the field for more than ten years, thanks to the collaboration with expert linguists scattered throughout the national territory. We know how important it is to know you can count on one total availability and easy availability of conference interpreters simultaneous in the city where you hold your event.

Therefore, given the size of a city like Naples, we are committed to setting up a network of interpreters here too, ready to take the field at any time.

When organizing an international conference, technical tools and human resources are the key to offering your guests an unrivaled experience and guaranteed success. A multilingual communication it serves to ensure a suitable and accessible understanding for all participants.

We have the best for this native speaker and specialized interpreters in specific sectoral areas, in more than 150 languages. The conference interpreters go to the location chosen for your event, while our technicians install the equipment and set up the soundproof booths beforehand.

International Congresses was born mainly with the aim of providing rental equipment for simultaneous. Interpreters equipped with the appropriate equipment provide services of simultaneous translation, customized based on the language combinations required and your needs.

Behind the soundproofed cabin, there is much more. We follow you for the entire duration of the event, helping you in the organization and providing you with complete assistance for any eventuality! International Congresses makes its services of simultaneous interpretation a fundamental pivot for the success of an event. Our mission is your success!

Choose International Congresses to have an impeccable simultaneous interpretation service for your international event in the wonderful city of Naples!

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