2022: the future of congresses

Il futuro dei congressi

With the start of the new year, it's time to take stock. After the successes of 2021, in fact, we are now ready to think about the future of congresses. As you well know, the recent past has certainly not been the most serene. COVID 19 has turned all of our lives upside down, hitting the entire events sector hard.

It wasn't easy but, after a very difficult initial period, we managed to improve the situation day after day. We concluded last year by going back to organizing even on-site events, like it hasn't happened for months.

What should we expect, therefore, in the near future for the world of congresses?

The future of congresses: what to expect

After last year's successes, the line to follow seems to have already been drawn. While on the one hand, in fact, we managed to organize face-to-face events, i remote services will continue to be essential. The world of congresses andSimultaneous interpreting they will continue in the hybridization process that began in the midst of the pandemic.

They will continue in the hybridization process that began in the midst of the pandemic. public both on-site and connected online. Furthermore, new hardware and software will be further implemented, to facilitate the entire organizational process of the sector. hybrid interpreting, in fact, is the key to improving the event organization service.

From the future, therefore, we expect the rise of the gods to continue congresses 2.0. Interpreters and translators will be able to offer their service wherever they want and it will be easier to collaborate with quality professionals. Without the excellent work of our people simultaneous translators ed remote interpreters, we would not have achieved a recovery in the sector. We are therefore convinced that it will always be thanks to their service that we will achieve further great successes.

International Congresses: our proposal

In Congressi Internazionali we look forward to continuing to grow and reach new heights. Thanks to the impeccable work of our collaborators, we are able to guarantee the best services for our customers today. In fact, we have tried to improve both the on-site and remote experience for event participants. It is our intention, therefore, to continue working in both directions.

Indeed, we believe in one smarter and digital future. At the same time, the human interactions they remain fundamental cornerstones for our reality. Precisely for this reason, we try to invest in flexible solutions and suitable for every request that is made to us.

For customers looking for, for example, a online solution, we have made available the best software and remote interpreters. Thanks to us it will be very easy to organize video call even large ones, during which all participants will understand every word spoken.

If you want to organize a conference in attendance, you can still take advantage of dedicated software, such as theapp Rafiky. Thanks to it, in fact, your guests will be able to have an interpreter directly on their smartphone or tablet, regardless of their chosen language. In this way, you will need less technical equipment, you will not have to sanitize hundreds of rented devices and you will guarantee greater safety for people.

As you can well understand, thanks to the enhancement of the audio-video equipment, the new congresses will be even more pleasant. At the same time, your company will save budget, since the proposed solutions are also more convenient.

In International Congresses we are ready to offer you our advice and experience to find the most suitable solution for you. Thanks to our help, you will be able to organize congresses effortlessly and without worrying about anything. 2022 will certainly be a year of confirmations and further goals, which we are ready to live by your side.

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