Positive 2021: thanks to the Interpreters

grazie agli interpreti

We're about to say goodbye to 2021 and it's therefore time to take stock of the year we're leaving behind. Despite the pandemic period, we are happy to be able to announce that the group of International Congresses closed with strong growth! And all we can do is say thanks to online interpreters and simultaneous translators for this surprising result.

This year, like the previous one, has been really complex and intense, especially for the world of interpreting. Needless to say, Covid-19 has continued to hinder the organization of congresses. In particular, therefore, interpreting has experienced moments of great difficulty. During the early stages of the pandemic it was in fact impossible to organize face-to-face events, creating great discomfort among professionals in the sector.

Despite this, if we sum up today, we can only be proud of our work. Against all odds, in fact, we have been stronger and more tenacious than even a global pandemic! Indeed, the results speak for themselves. We therefore want to thank all the translators and interpreters who continued to work tirelessly despite the adversity. 

Interpreting: the difficulties faced

During the first months of 2021, the commercial sector was put to the test. Not being able to participate in face-to-face events or travel, the interpreters have devised new techniques to continue in their mission. It is true, telephone interpreting could have been used, but it has not always proved to be suitable for the needs of our customers.

Interpreting is not just translating foreign words simultaneously. It is understanding, dissecting and explaining to an interlocutor the real meaning of what he is listening to. In fact, communication is a set of expressions, emotions and gestures that are impossible to grasp through a telephone handset. However, the interpreters, realizing the limits of this technique working from home, did not give up. They have studied new solutions, finding a great ally in the digital world. So they started to use software and innovative and sophisticated hardware, equipping itself autonomously with its own connection. 

Interpreting: the new techniques 

From the commitment and sacrifice of the interpreters, new virtual mediation techniques were born. A particularly significant example is the one related to the enhancement of online and remote interpreting using new audio-video tools. In fact, through new technologies, interpreters have been able to make communications less cold and impersonal, participating in virtual events in a more effective and productive way.

Thanks to their commitment they have been able to relaunch the world of congresses and international business. This, in fact, could not live without the mediation between professionals of different nationalities and languages! The new remote interpreters have therefore managed to breaking down not only the linguistic barriers, but also the physical ones created by Covid.

Interpreting: synergistic collaboration with international congresses

Congressi Internazionali has always offered its customers an impeccable organization of conferences and events. Without interpreting, however, we could not succeed in this undertaking. We want then thank all the online interpreters and simultaneous translators who working with us have contributed to the recovery of the sector and to the growth of our group.

Indeed, thanks to our collaborators, we have continued to organize conferences during the pandemic, first virtually and today also in person. Fortunately, the situation seems to be improving and on-site conferences are once again being requested. And thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of the interpreters in recent months, the face-to-face experience is now even more pleasant! Congressi Internazionale is in fact able to offer today new mediation services, such as video interpreting, which they merge classic tools to digital tools.

We therefore want to say thanks to the remote interpreters, as well as to the translators and technical operators, who have made it possible to closing this 2021 in beauty. The results obtained are above all due to your commitment, which we hope will continue to give us surprises next year. Also, we look forward to further expand our staff, welcoming new interpreters with whom to continue breaking down language and physical barriers throughout 2022.


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